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The Fellows Network

All graduates of our Leadership Development Programs become Fellows – a strong and growing national network of inspiring and inspired, engaged and committed leaders across Australia working together for a healthier planet.

This network includes state/territory based groups which meet for activities including social events and lunches with eminent guest speakers from within the water space.

The Fellows network also collaborates on projects and activities.

These include:

  • speaking at, and running, conferences;
  • publishing, in BRIDGING and elsewhere; and
  • developing and implementing the Fellows Professional Development Program.

Each year all Fellows are invited to their national reunion and Professional Development Day in Canberra.  This includes attendance at the new Fellows presentation and graduation cocktail function.

The network also functions as a community of practice across various parts of the water sector, including Government, corporate, NGO’s, community, legal, farming, consulting, utilities and academia.

If you would like to find out more about the Fellows Network or to contact the Chair of the Network, please contact the Trust office.

“The Trust’s legacy will evolve and be enduring as its fellows become future leaders, who like Peter will lead public debate and inform sound water management decisions.”

Hon Karlene Maywald
(former S.A. Minister for the River Murray. Minister for Water Security and Chair of the National Water Commission)

Fellows Portal

The Fellows Portal is a secure area accessible only to Fellows of the Peter Cullen Trust.

The Fellows Portal can be accessed here.

List of current Fellows


Dr Katherine Daniell
Andy Westcott
Jeremy Cox
Dr Ben Dyer
Martin Lind
Dr Cuan Petheram
Dr Carmel Pollino
Greg Raisin
Dr Barbara Robson
Dr David Lemon
Nerida Wilson
Dr Sondoss EI Sawah
Allan O’Connor
Lori Gould
Professor Ross Thompson
Julianne Tanner
Dr Heather McGinness


Juanita Hamparsum
Tyler Freeman Smith
Professor Mark Taylor
Madden Susan Taylor
Brendon Warnock
Dr Richard Cresswell
Dr Paul Frazier
Michelle Jacobs
Dr Emma Carmody
Dr Dena Fam
Dr Will Glamore
Dave Miller
Anita Payne
Dr Christobel Ferguson
Dr Grant Tranter
Jane Trindall
Dr Peter Coad
Adam Harris
Assoc. Prof. Darren Ryder


Dr Clare Taylor
Matt Salmon
Assoc. Prof. Alison King


Penelope Springham
Jody Carew
Kaye Cavanagh
Dr Tanzi Smith
Matthew Fullerton
Luke Stower
Scott Buchanan
Angie Stringer
Assoc. Prof. Frederic Leusch
Kim Markwell


Dr Deborah Nias
Stuart Richardson
Dr Dominic Skinner
Dr Declan Page
Dr Tanya Doody
Monique White


Chris Arnott
Dr Margaret Ayre
Ross Hardie
Dr Sarina Loo
Dr Geoff Vietz
Dr Philip Wallis
Dr Richard Benyon
Dr Tamara Boyd
Linda Christesen
Dr Kirsten Shelly
Dr Simon Treadwell
Dr Sandra Brizga
Greg Bain
Brendan Barry
Emma Stewart
Dr Amber Clarke
Jonathan La Nauze
Dr Andrew Sharpe
Bridget Wetherall
Dr Lisa Ehrenfried
Dr Adam Bester
Hannah Pexton
Dan Garlick
Jon Theobald
Andrew Volk


Professor Michael Douglas
Dr Suzanne Long
Dr Anne Poelina
Susie Williams
Dr Kath Lynch
Dr Kathleen Broderick

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