Friends & Fellows

The network of Friends of the Peter Cullen Trust is important to the Trust achieving its mission. Friends share their time and expertise, they add to the depth of the Trust’s programs, publish in the Trust’s newsletter Bridging and are pivotal in the mentoring of Fellows.

Friends of The Peter Cullen Trust

The Board extends invitations to influential people in the water and environment sectors to become a Friend. Current members include many eminent figures such as department secretaries, chief executive officers, scientists and retired politicians.

 “You are completely immersed, it enables you to break down barriers and this is about working through the process together. I’ve got more out of this two weeks than anything I’ve ever done, ever”.

The Trust’s Fellows Network

The Peter Cullen Trust Fellows are graduates of our leadership programs and form a national network of mutual support and ongoing professional development. The Trust works with Fellows in a variety of ways, such as offering a Mentoring Program and supports the Fellows run Professional Development Strategy.

There are hundreds Fellows nationally, who actively contribute through being ambassadors for the Trust, organising activities, events, speakers, providing intellectual content, and through offering continual learning and support to each other.

2018 Program dates & information

Applications are now open

Application closing date:  17 May 2018

Program dates:
Session 1:  10 – 14 September
Session 2:  5-8 November

How to apply

To apply for a position in the program, please read the below factsheets, download and complete the application form and return to the Trust prior to the application closing date.

 “There were opportunities to experience, to learn by doing, to gain a deeper understanding. Going in, I lacked confidence, coming out, it’s completely changed”.

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