Our Purpose

Our Purpose: 

“To foster courageous leadership to tackle big challenges in water and environment.” 

At its May 2023 meeting, the PCT Board approved the purpose statement for the Trust.  This statement enhances the existing Vision and Mission and stands as our “why” – a persistent, authentic expression of what the Trust was established to do, and what makes it unique.

In embracing Purpose, we seek to carry on the legacy of the late Professor Peter Cullen AO by:

  • Strengthening the understanding between science, policy and stakeholders in management of water and environment,
  • Supporting researchers and professionals ‘who can speak for the rivers’ with clarity and credibility,
  • Promoting informed exchange and debate on important water and environmental management issues,
  • Building capacity in science and policy for water and environmental management,
  • Building links between the scientific and political communities in order to promote effective management of our river systems.

We encourage Fellows, Friends and all of our Network to see themselves inside this statement, as people with the courage to lead change in our sector.

Importantly, in establishing our Purpose, the Trust commits to raising the stakes for the water and environment sectors to engage holistically in the climate change response and other compelling environmental challenges of our time.

What we do

The work of the Trust is guided by our Strategic Plan which articulates our Vision, our Mission and our four Strategic Goals.

To read more about how we are working towards our goals, download our Strategic Plan here.