Leadership Programs

The Peter Cullen Trust’s flagship Leadership Programs are at the heart of what we do.  These tailored, experiential and transformative experiences set the standard for leadership in our sector. 

First offered in 2010, the PCT Leadership Programs continue to challenge and reward individuals and organisations that embrace them.  Initially offered as the Science to Policy Leadership Program, a second program, the Women in Water Leadership Program, was added in 2016. Bespoke programs are also designed and delivered on a needs basis across the sector.

From 2023, the Trust consolidated all Leadership Programs under the single banner of Peter Cullen Trust Leadership Program, ensuring consistency of content and experience across all delivery platforms. We intend that this change will enable the Trust to exercise its own adaptive leadership framework and respond to situations and needs as they arise. This may include future programs exclusively for women, and the model may also extend to other under-represented, disadvantaged and targeted groups within our sector.

Through all PCT Leadership Programs, we foster courageous leaders who will drive the sustainable and equitable management of Australia’s waterways and natural environments, and who will be supported in their endeavours by the nationwide Fellows Network and the ongoing professional development and engagement activities that the Trust and the Network deliver.

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 “There were opportunities to experience, to learn by doing, to gain a deeper understanding. Going in, I lacked confidence, coming out, it’s completely changed”.