Science to Policy Leadership Program

The Peter Cullen Water & Environment Trust invites applications from people who are actively involved in water and environmental system science, advocacy or management, to participate in our unique leadership program.

What is the Science to Policy Leadership Program?

A transformational program designed to create long-term impact and change for Australia’s water and environment managers.

Our Science to Policy Leadership Program enables Australia’s future water and environment leaders to develop their leadership capabilities, communication skills and ability to drive change. The Program is designed to have transformational, sustainable impact; not just temporary inspiration.

This highly regarded program:

  • transforms participant thinking and improves their individual effectiveness in a team;
  • provides practical tools and insights to inspire action for positive change;
  • develops insight, knowledge and critical thinking skills around flexible and adaptive leadership styles;
  • connects participants with others who value life-long learning in a national network of supportive peers.
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“You are completely immersed, it enables you to break down barriers and this is about working through the process together. I’ve got more out of this two weeks than anything I’ve ever done, ever”.

Only outstanding candidates are selected to undertake this remarkable journey which will significantly improve their clarity, confidence, shared vision and strategic capability, enhancing their opportunities to take up leadership roles and proactively contribute to a sustainable world. It challenges participants to stretch themselves beyond their current boundaries and realise their potential to make a real difference in their chosen water related careers.

Successful participants in the program graduate as Fellows of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust. Fellows benefit from the Trust’s high-level networks and the opportunity to engage in structured mentoring, continuing development, practical engagement, activities and ongoing support.

Applications for 2023 are closed.

Applications for the 2023 Program are NOW CLOSED. Application dates for the 2024 Program will be posted in due course.

The 2023 Program will be held across two sesssions in March and May:

Session One: 20-24 March

Session Two: 22-26 May

PLEASE NOTE: A requirement for accepting a place on the 2023 Science to Policy Leadership Program is the commitment by the successful applicant to participate in a ‘post-program reflection workshop’ – 6-12 months after the program conclusion. This is a one day and one night workshop which aims to offer participants the opportunity to i) reconnect with each other and the program learnings ii) reflect (and capture the short-term impact of the program), and iii) renew their leadership development aspirations.  This workshop is funded by the Peter Cullen Trust.

How to apply

To apply for a position in the Program, please read the below factsheets, prepare your application material, and submit via the online application form prior to the closing date of 16 October 2022.

To apply you will need to provide a CV, statement against selection criteria, referees, and your ‘pitch’ for why you are the right match for this Program. If your employer is sponsoring your position, you will also need to provide a letter of support from them. You can find all the details in the information for applicants. Once you have your application materials ready you can submit using the Program application form 

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 “There were opportunities to experience, to learn by doing, to gain a deeper understanding. Going in, I lacked confidence, coming out, it’s completely changed”.